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HRevolution 2010

March 2, 2010

We’re baaack!  HRevolution, that is.  We’re back and better than ever.

The HRevolution 2010 unconference will be happening in Chicago, May 7th and 8th and you don’t want to miss it.

Tired of those stuffy conferences where you sit in a room and someone lectures to you?

Wish you had the opportunity to check out a conference where you can actually participate in the discussion?

Want to hear from some fantastic HR social media thought leaders?

Yes? Yes?  And Yes?

Well, you should get your tickets now for HRevolution 2010 as space is limited.  And, trust me, it is  going to sell out.

3 reasons why you need to be in Chicago on May 7th and 8th:

The People: First and foremost, it’s the people. And the crew coming together for this year’s unconference is fantastic.  The planning committee for 2010 has arranged for about twice the capacity of last year’s event, meaning HRevolution 2010 will blend old faces with new in an intimate setting where relationships can unfold naturally and meaningfully.

The Place: We’ve locked up a phenomenal and highly professional space for the event that could not be more perfect for an unconference. HRevolution will take place at The Catalyst Ranch, which is one of Chicago’s premier event locations and—bonus!—is centrally located with easy access to hotels, restaurants, and nightlife. Catalyst Ranch is known for bringing a level of fun and sophistication to events that is unparalleled—we don’t recall meeting any other space providers who could so naturally blend “white boards,” “afternoon snack service,” “stereo systems,” and  the “Play-Doh for 110 people” into a single conversation.

The Topics: The beauty of the unconference format is that it is designed to leave you with practical, useful knowledge.  When you get back to work on Monday, and when someone asks you, “What did you get for the money,” the answer that flows oh-so-naturally from your lips will blow them away. And you, too, we hope. Especially given the awesome $100 ticket price.

So if you’re in HR—or a manager who truly believes in the power of  your people—if you’re dabbling with this social media stuff and  thinking “Should I or shouldn’t I” or “How do I…” or even “Why would I,” then get here on May 7th-8th. You will meet the people and learn the stuff and be in the places that make it all come together.

24 hours+ of mind-bending, trend-setting discussions.  You don’t want to miss it!

Are you still reading this?  Go, go on.  Go get your ticket!

Your HRevolution Team:

Steve Boese

Ben Eubanks

Joan Ginsberg

Trish McFarlane

Jason Seiden

Mark Stelzner

Crystal Peterson


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